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Entry #4


2014-02-20 01:14:56 by KuroMisuki

So posted a new song. People are listening and downloading it. But strangly nobody has rated or commented on it yet. That has never happened when i posted something before. New community perhaps? Ive been feeling this weird dread that one of the downloaders is posting the song as his/her own somewhere. :o

Just some noise-

                           xD peace xD


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2014-02-20 03:53:36

Try reviewing others' pieces, and perhaps they'll return you the favour. People do tend to listen to and download it BEFORE reviewing it.

KuroMisuki responds:

Thanks for the advice but this post is more about noticing a change in rating/commenting time rather than the lack of it. And the post was mainly to get some of the paranoia out of my system. :P

xD peace xD