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A fine example of creativity and imagination.

nice :D

Though some of the pictures you use are questionable. Like the one with the graves. It was a nice animation and worked well with the music.


The way you ended it made me think of it like a beginning for a television show. :D

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So let me get this straight. This little thing you made "streams" music directly from the portal? Which can also mean its never out of date? xD

My favorite visualizer is the oscillator btw xD xD

Archawn responds:

Yeah, it's a neat device.

Oscillator is my second-favorite. :D


Can't wait for the sequel!! That was really cool ending.

This game was too easy for me xD

I beat the 15th floor and was ready to make some upgrades when I noticed that I had finished :( I actually thought that there was suppose to be one more floor on the very top... guess not though.

Great game none-the-less.

xD Peace xD

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I love how you say it exactly as it is. Minus the "explain to me" part. Where you say it twice. But it still sounds good anyways.

Not bad

Puppet master is right... in a way. Though I could also add that I heard the beginning from Cave story and Chrono Trigger. xD Not saying your not original. Drums need a boost to give this battle more tension.

What program do you use? And where did you find the strings? Ive been wanting some more realistic strings

RobKenna responds:

For this track I used FL Studio. But I only use it for sequencing.. for recording Pro Tools is much better.

You're right. The drums sound awful.. I think it were some standard drums.. don't know. The strings were a bit better. That was a soundfont namend "squidfont". By now I use the east west quantum leap symphonic orchestra. MUCH better and they're worth it.

Hey I know you!!!

Was looking some music then saw cave story and decided to see who it was. How nostalgic, very nice. Did you use a piano outside of the computer? And what program do you use??

xD peace xD

Destroyer9283 responds:

Heh, I know you too!

Unlike a lot of people, I don't use a computer program to make my music. I do it the old fashion way: Playing it on a MIDI keyboard. Now, to record, I use my dad's HUGE recording system, put it on a CD, convert the .cda file to .mp3, the post it here. It's a good amount of work, But it's pretty worth it.

Just a simple video game nerd. Composing music every once in a while and submitting it even more rarely. Guess I'll go back to lurking and such!

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